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I ran 100 km in one day to raise awareness about solutions for climate change and renewable energy. Thank you to everyone that came out to help cheer me on as well as donate money. We raised over $7000 which went towards educating 20 women to sell solar lights and purchased 52 solar lights.
Apr 27, 2019, 6:00 AM
Birds Hill Provincial Park Campground,
Springfield, MB R0E 1J0, Canada

Renewable Energy Charity

Pollinate Group empowers women as agents of change in the world’s poorest and forgotten communities, to provide a range of quality life-improving products, such as solar lights, to their peers. Women earn respect, up to 7x the informal wage, and become inspiring role models who raise awareness about better alternatives for clean energy, water and sanitation.

From humble beginnings in 2012 today the award-winning organisation has impacted more than 555,000 people in underserved communities across India and Nepal, helped customers in poverty save $US16.7M and saved 65,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions by replacing toxic kerosene.

My goal is to help raise $5,000! Every dollar you donate to me will be matched to create $10,000 as part of a campaign with Pollinate Group and EthicalJobs.com.au. Together we can change the world!




I have several motivators for this event. One of the reasons I am running is because of a conference I attended in Prince George, BC this past February, The Conference on Sustainability in Engineering. There I learned about the devastating impact humans have had on our world and the need for immediate action. I asked some of the renowned Engineers and Scientists at this conference what actions our generation can do together to help change this dreadful path we are walking. I came back home feeling extremely emotional because the answers I got were that they do not really know how to fix the issues as well.


I believe that through my running I will be able to help inspire a city and nation to continue making change on an individual basis. I want to remind people that their actions build up and can directly affect their surroundings. I talk to people about climate change and people are cynical saying that they cannot make a difference or our world is too far gone to save. This mindset is why I am out to run. I know that I am trying to do everything in my power to make a positive impact on the world and the people around me. We have all the technology we need to change the world, what we need now is a social change.


I want to educate people about the wonderful work that is already being done to help make an impact and how you can get involved.

This upcoming May, I will be attending the Clean Energy Ministerial/ Mission Innovation Ministerial in Vancouver, BC. I will be representing Canada. At this conference over 25 countries and world leaders will be attending to help tackle energy issues and help empower youth to take action. I will be speaking on the topic of renewable energy with several world leaders. I want to be prepared by having a concrete foundation of support from home before I go to the world stage. If you have any concerns, questions or thoughts please let me know and I will pass them along.    

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Next Generation of Energy Leaders

Student Energy is a Global not-for-profit dedicated to creating the next generation of leaders who will transition the world to a sustainable energy future.

Student Energy encourages youth engagement with energy: in the industry, in the global forums, and in their communities. Students should have a voice wherever their future is being determined.



How to Help

There are many organizations and opportunities to get involved and do your part. Each person has an impact and can make a huge impact on an individual level.



Working Towards A Brighter Future

Below are some resources for you to continue helping out and making a difference. If you know of any other groups/products/companies please contact me!


Sustainability Group

UMEARTH, THe Univeristy of Manitoba Efficient and Renewable Technology Hub, is a group of post-secondary students who are passionate about sustainability and help to impliment changes on campus



GoManitoba’s goal is to bring sustainable, healthy commuting options to all Manitobans. Its purpose is to ease travel by helping to facilitate carpools, promote public transit use where available, and match bike and walk mentors. It is a quick, secure, and personal way to find your commuting options, simply using your home and work (or other destination) addresses.


Saving/Rebate Programs

Manitoba Hydro has many programs where you can save energy and water meaning you save more money.


Solar Charity

This Canadian Chairty helps companies already existing in Canada transition to renewable energy sources such as solar energy. This saves money and carbon emissions.


Charity Group

Engineers Without Boarders is a group of engineers who travel to place in the world and change lives by constructing unique and innovative paths for communities.


Climate Action Plan

This document is a plan to help Manitoba become Canada's most clean province.


Reusable Cutlery

A personal favourite! These Bamboo utensil are washable, reusable and do not leave an after taste. Although is seems like a small change but can have a huge impact.


Reuseable Plastic Wrap

This Earth-friendly alternative to plastic wrap is a resealable, washable and wrap. You also save lots of money not having to use plastic bags all the time.



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